Short Title


Brief explanation of the feature.

Basic example

If the proposal involves a new or changed API, include a basic code example. Omit this section if it's not applicable.


Why are we doing this? What use cases does it support? What is the expected outcome?

Please focus on explaining the motivation so that if this RFC is not accepted, the motivation could be used to develop alternative solutions. In other words, enumerate the constraints you are trying to solve without coupling them too closely to the solution you have in mind.

Detailed design

This is the bulk of the RFC. Explain the design in enough detail for somebody familiar with Lightning Web Components to understand, and for somebody familiar with the implementation to implement. This should get into specifics and corner-cases, and include examples of how the feature is used. Any new terminology should be defined here.


Why should we not do this? Please consider:

There are tradeoffs to choosing any path. Attempt to identify them here.


What other designs have been considered? What is the impact of not doing this?

Adoption strategy

If we implement this proposal, how will existing Lightning Web Components developers adopt it? Is this a breaking change? Can we write a codemod? Should we coordinate with other projects or libraries?

How we teach this

What names and terminology work best for these concepts and why? How is this idea best presented? As a continuation of existing Lightning Web Components patterns?

Would the acceptance of this proposal mean the Lightning Web Components documentation must be re-organized or altered? Does it change how Lightning Web Components is taught to new developers at any level?

How should this feature be taught to existing Lightning Web Components developers?

Unresolved questions

Optional, but suggested for first drafts. What parts of the design are still TBD?