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Simple Example

File structure:


Library's Entry Point (foo.js)

export const x = 1;
export function y(value) {
    return value * 2;

At this point, any component definition and any other library can import "ns-foo" module identifier, e.g.:

import { x, y } from "ns-foo";
import { LightningElement } from "lwc";

export default class Foo extends Element {
    someValue = x;
    constructor() {
    handleValueChange(e) {
        const v = y(;

Folding internal pieces

A library is just an entry point to a module. Which means you can have more files in the same folder, and import those pieces from the entry point, and do all the things you do in a regular javascript module. The compiler will rollup all the pieces into a single bundle with the shape of the entry point module for the library.